March 2014 Newsletter

Hello all,  and thank you for reading the March newsletter from BotBrain Educational Robots!  If you recall last month’s newsletter, a company called Vicarious FPC Inc. is designing artificial intelligence software for a computer.  Well, this month’s newsletter is in reference to a computer hardware company called D-Wave.  D-Wave builds and sells a supercomputer know as a quantum computer.  The D-Wave computer is used by NASA, Lockheed Martin, Ames Research Center and other super-tech companies and organizations.   A D-Wave computer will cost you about $10,000,000!

Quantum computers operate at what is known in physics as the quantum level.  That is to say, if a computer stores information based on bits, 0’s and 1’s, a quantum computer stores information on qbits.  This means the information can be a 0 and 1 at the same time and the quantum computer can hold and process more information in a given time.  This is very bizarre!  How can a value of 0 be a value of 1 at the same time?  But, at the quantum level it is. 

Your BotBrain robot also stores and processes information based on bits, 0’s and 1’s.  A command to your BotBrain processing control board set as HIGH has a value of 1.  A command to your BotBrain processing control board set as LOW is a value of 0.  The BotBrain process control board processes information the same as your laptop, smartphone or tablet, but it’s not as expensive as a laptop and not nearly expensive as a D-Wave computer.

Do you want to get started learning how programming codes send signal information to and from computer processors?  Our kits come with a CD that includes lesson plans and the BotBrain Program Maker software writing the code in pBASIC ®.  You can read the pBASIC ® code and learn what part of the code sets a value as HIGH or LOW to turn on the LED lights, count Whisker Sensor touches, or run the Continuous Servo motor.
Our kits are designed for the classroom or individuals.  Please visit our website and sign up for our CD.

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