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Stick Your Name on Our Language!

Help us name our VPL/Picture Language. See your name in website lights! Get unlimited bragging rights and 30 Gold Plated Kudos. You even get a BotBrain hat if we use your name. Post your ideas on FaceBook.

BotBrain Educational Robots Visual Program LanguageFor months we have been creating something that makes programming robots really easy. We were ready to release it when suddenly we realized: we don’t know what to call it. It’s a difficult thing to describe. The technical name is Visual Programming Language [VPL], a real mouthful. You might call it a Picture Language.

Instead of typing lines and lines of code, students drag tiles into a window and hook them together. In 10 minutes they avoid hours of head-scratching, hunting and pecking.

But it gets better: this program is already debugged! Student (and teachers) spend far too much time fixing simple errors. This VPL (PLEASE give us a better name!) does this automatically. Your students’ frustration level just dropped 90%.

It’s especially good for younger students who easily get the logic visually. With older students you can choose whether to teach programming or not. If you are teaching it, the VPL (HELP!) lets them compare text code with the picture tiles, a real aid to learning.

So step up and give us a name! We’ll post your name in lights on our website and Facebook page. And we’ll also send you a BotBrain hat! For now we’re calling it “George the VPL”. But I bet you can think of something better.

PS- if you want to see what it looks like, go to: http://botbrain.com/vpl/vpl_help/english_help.html


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