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Why did we call it Evaluation Set?

BotBrain Educational Robots Evaulation SetPerhaps we should have picked a better name. The set has always been a good, low cost way to try out BotBrain Robotics in your school. But it is no longer our least expensive classroom set (the STEM set is now). We believed that most teachers wanted the additional sensors, parts and challenges of the Advanced Set and would prefer those after trying the Evaluation Set.

But teachers have shown us that lots of great STEM robotics teaching can be done with Evaluation sets only. This is especially true at younger grade levels or if time is short.

Here are the main similarities and differences
• Both can be used for two to three students working as a group
• Both let the group construct one robot with many variations
• The Evaluation Set has light and touch sensors only, used for the PhotoVore and Maze competitions. Minesweeping is quite doable, although we recommend IR sensors.
• The Advanced set has everything in the Evaluation set plus two more kinds of sensors and LED Lights. Students can do three additional challenges: Line Following, and Grand Challenge. It also contains pulleys, gears and drive bands and many additional structural parts. And it has two Position Servos for building grippers or manipulating objects.

The Evaluation set has just been expanded with some additional parts, plates, axles & tires, but we did not change the price. This makes it an even better value to outfit your camp, classroom or club.


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