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A photovore is a robot designed to seek light. Students build a robot that searches for the brightest spot in the room. Shine a spot light in the center, set the robots on the edge of the circle, and the race is on. Another option with the photovore robot is to run the Flashlight Control program. This program allows you to use a flashlight as a "remote" controller. Just shine the flashlight in front of the robot, and it will follow the light. Instructions for running this challenge are in our Curricula/Lesson Plans. Equipment required: a light (and a darkened room).

Maze Solving

Students build a robot designed to navigate through a simple maze. The robot to solve the maze in the shortest time wins. Instructions for constructing a maze are in the lesson plans. You may also purchase our BotBrain Robot Maze Environment if you prefer.

Line Following

Robots are programmed to follow a black line on a white background. The path is made with electrical tape laid out in a curved path. There will be no "T's", dead ends, or crossings. Fastest bot wins. This challenge is easy to set up. Directions in our lesson plans. Just put down tape on your floor.

Mine Sweeper

Students build a robot designed to make its way through a “mine field” to detonate the mines. Modified mouse traps serve as the mines. The winner is the bot which clears the most mines within the allotted time. Instructions for building a Mine Sweeping setup are in the Lesson Plans. You can also purchase the BotBrain Mine Sweeper Environment.