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BotBrain Educational Robots offers the BrainEbot the perfect solution for individual needs.

The BraineBot is perfect for fulfilling requirements of the Scouts Robotics Badge.



BotBrain History

BotBrains Educational Robots evolved from a love of science and a love of teaching science. Through the hands-on learning experience offered by BotBrains, robots help your child/student transform abstract science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) concepts into concrete real-world understanding.

Research suggests that robots tie into a variety of disciplines. A robot is made of component parts of motors, sensors and programs. Each of these parts depends on different fields of knowledge such as engineering, electronics, and computer science. This interdisciplinary nature of robots means that when students learn to engineer robots they will inevitably learn about the many other disciplines that robotics utilize (Papert, 1980; Rogers & Portsmore, 2004).

Robots in the classroom excite and motivate the students to achieve success. BotBrains Educational Robots offers a variety of products and solutions for your particular situation. Whether you are a teacher, parent, homeschooler, or student; robots can be an exciting part of the educational experience.

Meet Our founders

Joe Osborne

Combining his liberal arts education with his technical acumen, BotBrain co-founder and co-partner Joe Osborne is an innovator extraordinaire. In addition to his expertise in robotics, Joe restores antique keyboard instruments, entertains in a band and routinely works on next-generation robotics sets for BotBrain. From designing its look to assembling boards to writing code, Joe stays fully engaged with all aspects of BotBrain’s products and services.

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Bill Bechtel

For BotBrain co-founder and co-partner, Bill Bechtel, the field of robotics is both a vocation and an avocation. Bill teaches middle-school science and incorporates robotics into his lesson plans whenever possible. Additionally, Bill plans and leads summer camps for robotics and serves as a counselor for the Boy Scouts of America merit badge. Bill’s a true expert in field of teaching robotics.

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